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Best Tennis Strings of 2021 written by LifeTime Pro Shop

Best Tennis Strings of 2021 written by LifeTime Pro Shop

Posted by Jason Antoniolli on 12th Oct 2021

Babolat RPM Blast

RPM Blast is regarded as the premier spin-producing string. First seen on tour in 2010 through Rafael Nadal, RPM Blast is suitable for players of all abilities and game styles. Another plus that RPM provides is its softness on the body. The only downside to this string is its durability under high intensity hitting. For the casual player this shouldn’t be a concern. Babolat RPM Blast can be purchased here.

Luxilon Alu Power

Incredibly durable, Alu Power is a widely popular string through intermediate levels and above. This string isn’t recommended for due to its stiffness and impact on the arm. Although power isn’t its main calling, Alu Power creates great amounts of spin and control. Luxilon Alu Power is available for purchase here. 

Solinco Hyper G

A string with incredibly high playability, Hyper-G is noted for its remarkable spin and control. Different to other strings, Hyper-G is square shaped, allowing for heightened amounts of spin production. Hyper-G is also soft on the body; a great choice for players coming back from injury. Solinco Hyper-G is available for purchase here. 

Tecnifibre Black Code

I’ve used this string for about 5 years now without the thought of changing ever crossing my mind. I love the combination of power and spin the strings provide my aggressive baseliner game. I find these strings last about 6-10 hours of intensive use. This string can be found here. 

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